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The Dougherty Report podcast

Mar 28, 2018

Roseanne is back and the lefties are already trying to take her down. What Google and Facebook have ACTUALLY complied on you. The head of the DNC is going nutz over THAT QUESTION in the 2020 Census, and wacky news from college campuses.

Mar 28, 2018

Yo... protesters... come back to Washington DC and clean up after yourselves you filthy pigs!  Why is it lefty protesters think it's ok to toss garbage everywhere  The National Mall was a disgusting mess after the weekend of protests.  Elizabeth shared a great idea... forget the wall across the southern border... wall...

Mar 24, 2018

Elizabeth is taking the day off which gives Michael a chance to spout off on a number of topics: 
* recent developments in the Noor Salman trial.
* Roseanne Barr telling Jimmy Kimmel to shut his "F$%^& mouth"!
* Has the GOP leadership decided to throw in the towel and give up?
* The president has a 1.3 Trillion Dollar...

Mar 23, 2018

Hurricanes have had names since the 1950's but now even winter storms are getting names.  So while "Winter Storm Toby" is lashing the eastern seaboard, Elizabeth saw a news story focusing on people stranded together at an interstate rest stop.  That led to the idea... "wouldn't that be a great Reality TV show?"  Is...

Mar 21, 2018

So... the feds are trying Omar Mateen's wideo, Noor Salman on "Aiding and Abetting" but what does the crime really look like?  There's a BIG difference between state law, and federal law... and it could mean the difference between an acquittal and a conviction.  Elizabeth explains.  Plus, is there ANYONE with any common...